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A biometric immobilizer (200) for automobiles, comprising a bio-fingerprint authentication unit (20) including an embedded fingerprint biometrics processing unit (22) and a sensor (24) capable of capturing human fingerprint biometric pattern, and a flash memory (26) able to store biometric data and
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Rug dots minis are part of the RUG DOTS collection of rug pads. MINIS are sold to people who live in appartments, condo's , college dorms, or someone that does not need the large pad with the RUG DOTS set. Trademark for sale and maybe invention. If you have an interest give me a call to schedule me
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The story is about a family forced to move from the rural South to Elizabeth,NJ to take part in the great mobilization of WWII. The story line follows the War and the lives of young boys as they assimilate and develop during this period.
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Completely documented lean manufacturing simulation including all physical goods (thousands of parts to build real shop lights) for setup of simulated factory for 1-day training sessionThis hands-on course is a unique opportunity to experience the power of Lean Tools. You will become an employee of